#10- Write then Eat- Read More

by- Tom Kubrak

If you say, I don’t have time to read though, then writing isn’t for you.
It’s one of the oldest lessons in the book.

Ask yourself this, how on earth do you expect others to read your work if you can’t find time to read others? It’s ludicrous and selfish. Reading is what sharpens-the-blade and what provides you with inspiration and knowledge to add to your own work. Reading is what keeps the pen going.


In my opinion, you only can write as much as you read. It’s a matter of respecting the craft and not biting-off-more-than-you-can-chew. It’s a strategy I use to stay balanced throughout a project, so I don’t go burning myself out. It also helps you not rush through a project.
If you’re like me, and not writing full time yet, stop telling yourself you can write for 3-4 hours every day when it’s just not realistic.
Because, you also have to find time to read and if you go too long without reading that writing pen of yours will get too dull to write anything worthwhile.