Day 1

Sitting here on the train to Newark from Raritan, to see a good friends show In Jersey City, and writing this, has me thinking… Damn, it’s taken awhile to get to this point of making this website.

Funny enough too, the man who I’m going to see perform, gave memy first opportunity to write a profile story about when I walked up to him after his performance and said,

“Hey man, really liked your show.”

We talked for a little while but ultimately I finally asked him,

“Could I write a story about you?”

It’s been over 3 years since that conversation and I can’t thank that man enough.

I’ll post that story here soon. But that story took me months and helped me develop my writing process. After that, things just started to fall into place and I start experimenting with different types of writing and different writing strategies.

And…here we are. Writing stories, plays, books, film scripts, short stories, music video scripts, ghostwriting and working on some books.

Also, I didn’t think I would ever create a personal website…but here we are at Day 1 of my website. Who know’s what’s about to happen, but we made it this far, and I’m here to stay.

Lots of work to do on it still, but thank you for everyone who’s supported me thus far on this journey.

From a little while back on first website) and to all the other places my stories have gone, in which someone has allowed me to write on…thank you.

Thanks for sticking wih me, bearing through my silly writing mistakes, and just reading what I write.

It truly means the world because this is what I do. This is who I am. This is my passion.

I’m excited to share with you all a lot of work that has been on the shelves for awhile, other stories already out, short stories, and new stories/scripts.

Thank you again to everyone who has read my stuff, allowed me to write about them, allowed me to write for their website, and who hasn’t given up on me… through it all. I can’t express my gratitude enough.

Cheers to this next Chapter! Still have a long long long ways to go but stay tuned!