Binded- Part 2

2nd Draft

By- Tom Kubrak

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“Yea.. it was pretty nice actually.” Charlie responded.

They were in North Jersey. About 25 minutes outside of the city in Elizabeth.

“Well.. Fantastic!” Mr. Tozzi replied to his Lieutenant.

Mr. Tozzi, who ran the old crime family now was a fair boss. He climbed all the way from the bottom to get where he was at now and people knew and respected him for it.

On this day though he was particularly excited. His son had just won a fencing tournament in The City.

“Why I feel like you’re excited Boss?”

“My Boy! My boy is a champion! He finally won one of his tournaments.”

“That’s wonderful wow congrats boss.”

“Thanks Charlie I really appreciate that I really do.”

The other two Lietenants at the table were obviously more ready to handle the business at hand than discuss a fe cing tournament.

“How about we get down to business gentleman. Huh. Sorry to rush this moment…between yous but I don’t think we have all night.” Dominick, one of the other Lietenants said.

“You’re right.. you came all the way from… Cranford was it??”

“Yea my daughter had a soccer game down there tonight.”

The conversation continued but in the background one of the doors was clearly opened and insighted the 4 men to grab for their guns but Tozzi suppress’ his men by claiming it was “nothing.” Charlie is curious though.

“But anyway… what was the big rush tomight? Why couldn’t this wait until tomorrow??”


By- Tom Kubrak