#2 Start Writing- Beginners Writing Strategies

by- Tom Kubrak

Even if it’s just for ONE minute a day you must start writing. 

And no… not just on the weekends or “when I have time” this is an everyday thing. Besides my personal belief in taking one day off to recharge it’s imperative that you write 5-6 days a week. 

If it’s what you want to do with your life, even if you still have a day job or are going to school, you have to treat it like your job from the beginning. by “punching in” to your home desk, cafe or bar stool to-do the work. Even when you’re not getting paid for your writing. 

3 Days 

If you’re finding difficulties getting into that “everyday-writing-mentality” then it’s okay if you have to drop yourself down to 3-4 days a week. Over a period of weeks/months then work yourself back up to 5-6 days. You’ll know when you’re ready to move up or down. Trust your instincts.

Invest in a Watch or Timer

Keep track of how much you write every day by investing into a watch or using your phone timer. This will allow you to see exactly where you need to improve and what days of the week might be worse for you than others. 

If you’re like me, who likes to time a lot of things in their life, then I encourage you to get the “Multi-timer” app for Iphone(it may be on android too). It has been one of the most helpful tools for me in getting more out of my writing, reading, and other life activities.

Start With “One Crappy Page a Day”

Another strategy that helped me get into a groove, with my writing, has been the “Crappy Sentence Page” strategy.

It’s called the crappy-sentence-page because you don’t have to use any punctuation or structure with this strategy. It’s all about just writing. Just write words on paper. It doesn’t even have to make sense! Just write,  write and then write some more. Until you fill up that one page. Don’t worry about editing either. Just write and get all of that junk out of your head. This will help you learn who you are as a writer, your style and what you like to write about too. Over time you’re writing will look a lot better on this page and may actually make sense but it doesn’t have to. Hence the word, “crappy.”

Set a Daily Goal…

…of how much time you want to invest into your writing everyday. If you can go over it, fine, but that’s a bonus(only if you can). At minimum make the necessary daily decisions to be able to make that goal every day. 

Gaining momentum in this profession is crucial, and when you see that you’re hitting that goal everyday then that will give you an unexplainable boost of energy. If you’re not hitting your set goal then you’ll know you need to make a change somewhere to hit it or move down the time a little bit for a while. Eventually, when you hit the goal enough times you’ll know it’s time to level up. 

It’s all about working our way up to putting more time into our writing. We first have to go through freshman year to get to senior year in high school right? Compared with our writing; we first have to go through only being able to do a few minutes per day, until ultimately we get to a point where we’re putting 2-3 hours a day, consistently into our writing. 

It’s truly all about consistency though in this one though. Don’t get discouraged if you have a few bad writing days too.


If you had a bad week writing or a bad day in that week, that’s okay.. but fix the problem before it gets worse. At the end of the week or on your day off figure out what to do the the upcoming week to maximize your writing.

Sometimes though life really gets in the way and you have to make some sacrifices. Some challenges become unavoidable, thus ending your “100 day writing streak” Accept it, move on, or as they say, “Get back on the Horse” and start writing again. 

Next we’ll talk about Respecting The Craft in #3 of Beginners Writing Strategies.

By- Tom Kubrak

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