#4 The Setup- Beginners Writing Strategies

Have you ever found yourself, in the middle of a writing sesion, asking yourself, “Wait…where did I put my pen?” 

Then you frantically start looking. You have to draw this idea out. You tell yourself. Then you finally find it, under some papers. In relief, you draw out the idea real quick and then start to write again, but you’re now ready to take a break. You’ve been spent.

Well that’s definitely happened to me before. I soon realized it was stopping my train of thought in a lot of writing sessions. Thus, killing my creativity and ultimately the entire writing session. Little moments like that can inhibit getting what you need down on that paper and start a spiraling circle of “I’m not good enough for this. It’s too hard.”

The Setup will be a little thing you can utilize, for each writing session, to not allow that to happen.

The Solution

So, in response to multiple failed writing sessions after the other, I finally decided to face this battle and come up with a solution. 

That solution: I created a setup for myself that, with a few variations here and there over the years, I still use to this day. It may look like any other setup but I personally make it a rule that ‘this’ is where everything must go every time before I begin writing. No exceptions. I even write it down in my pocket notebook how it will look in a 2d perspective. 

1- laptop/typewriter

2- Notebook/piece of paper

3- a pen or pencil. Or feel free to add markers, I do sometimes.

4- Coffee/tea/beverage of choice

5- Water

6- My pocket Notebook

(something I personally carry around with me that I take out of my pocket during writing sessions if I get a thought or idea that isn’t related to the project I can write it down and tackle it afterwards)

7- Phone or timer

Ultimately, find what works for you. Your setup may look different than mine but the important thing is having one that you stick to. Try different things. It’ll take some time. My setup took many months and years to actually figure out what I need on my desk and where to place it to maximize my productivity. So take your time in finding what you need on your desk to maximize your writing sessions.

I used to have a little pen, just for decoration, that inspired a little creativity whenever I needed it. So, it could be something as simple as that, that you find benefits your writing sessions.

Whether it’s in your home office, cafe, bar or a park picnic table, keep your setup. It will pay off in the end.


It’s about creating a structure. Having one in place. Something that is there and doesn’t halt the creative process. That creative energy is very limited every day. Having this setup will save some of that valuable creative energy and boost your productivity so you can write the amazing things that you want to write.


“Structure is more important than content in the transmission of information.” -Abbie Hoffman

By- Tom Kubrak

Intagram and twitter- @tomkubrak
Email- tomkubrak.writing@gmail.com for comments and inquiries