#5 Brace Yourself- Beginners Writing Strategies

It may go without saying for some people but… Brace yourself for the pain of this journey you’ve decided to go on with writing.  Or, as my sergeant in the military said before I got on the plane to basic training…

Embrace The Suck 

(translated= learn to love the pain that comes with this journey

Self Accountability

It’s not a clearly laid out path you’ve decided to go on, like a college degree,  getting your real estate license, or going to medical school. There’s no test or training you can take that by the end of it, it says “You’re now a certified Writer” NOOOPEE. This journey is all on you baby!

There’s no one that gets to dictate what you write or what your salary is. You get to choose all of that. Unfortunately though, that does make this path a little difficult. Because you’re at the mercy of yourself now. 

Self-accountability can be extremely difficult. Like many creative crafts that require you to hold yourself accountable, writing can be tough. But once you master yourself and learn to hold yourself accountable. You will, in my opinion, be able to write what you want whenever you want. Currently, I still am working on this. It’s no easy task but I’m committed to figuring it out.


Now you’re telling yourself, this is dumb. Tom, I love writing, it’s my passion. How could this ever suck? 

Well, if you’re a hobby writer, that answer is probably not. Because generally, you write whenever you feel like it. Which could be a lot but, if you’re a professional writer you write everyday no matter how you feel. 

If you’re a professional writer or trying to become one, then on those bad days you have to write. Because, it’s your job and if you don’t then A. you’re not paying the bills and B. it’s a failed day when you’re a writer who failed to write. 

That’s like a lawyer who didn’t show up to the trial of their client they were representing. You’re still a lawyer, but you just made a fool of yourself, damaged your reputation, and risked not being able to get another client to represent ever again in the process. 

In writing, the trial isn’t the day you’re at your first book signing, it’s every day before the book gets on that printing press. Everyday, you sit down on your desk to write those pages is the trial. We unfortunately don’t have that luxury of having one day booked on the calendar that says “Our big day to shine” because well everyday is a big day! We have to write regardless.


  1. Know it’s coming. Understand that those bad days will come. No one bats a thousand(in baseball terms). 
  2. Remember, in your first few years writing what exactly happens when you had one of those bad days. Write in a journal or something exactly what happened leading up to it. Keep track.
  3. Review and implement – Now, make the time to go over that journal and come up with a strategy when those bad moments arise that will lessen the blow and allow you to at least get some writing in. So you can combat those negative thoughts or whatever it may be that is stopping you from writing.
  4. Find a different time to write. I discovered after three years of writing at night that I write better in the morning. 
  5. Change your eating/drinking habits. The things your putting into your body may be stopping you from having a great writing day. It may be less coffee. It may mean more. It may be having one less glass of wine every night.
  6. Get some rest. Don’t stay up until four in the morning and bring your bad day into the next day. You failed. Accept it and move on. 
  7. Set some Guidelines/rules for Yourself. Meaning break down your daily schedule. When are you eating, writing, reading, working out, or taking care of any other essential business? Write down somewhere exact times you will strive to do these things daily and do your best to adhere to it. 
  8. Visualize– not only do you need to to visualize the projects your working on, but visualize yourself pushing through the roadblocks that are stopping you from writing as well

If you don’t prepare yourself. Your writing career will be cut very short. When the checks aren’t coming in… that doesn’t mean you stop writing.

So…keep writing and Embrace the Suck.

“Be flexible like trees; when the wind blows bend, but do not break.”

Matshona Dhliwayo

By- Tom Kubrak

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