All on You- #12 (Un)Common Writing Strategies

by- Tom Kubrak

Another birthday party? Another word changing event? Another kid born in your massive family? Another funeral? Another friend getting married? Another-another-another…

When am I going to have time to write!?

These are all important events that happen in people’s lives. Events that you want to be at. Events that keep people together.


Too many writers use these events to blow off their work for extended periods of time. Sure, things are going to come up that you’re going to want to be a part of. But, it’s what separates the professional from the amateur…


At this point in your writing career, you don’t have a book published yet, so we don’t have the luxury of being away from our writing-desk for too long. In fact it’d be better if we were glued to it. Okay-okay, that’s over-stretching the point… because it’s important to get out and experience the community or we’ll go insane… more than we already are.

The point is, that yes, go to the event, but make sure to get your work done. Whether that’s in the hotel lobby, bathroom at the ballroom or anywhere that you can to get away from the event for a few minutes. 

If you’re just starting and still don’t have a good foundation in your work, then you may have to miss the event. Again, that’s your choice. A tough choice none-the-less.

The point is you have to choose if you’re ready to take days/weeks off or if you need to keep writing. 


You didn’t choose a profession where you get “Paid time off.” You also didn’t choose a profession where the company is going to pay for your gas. You have to pay for that and YOU have to earn it first.

Frankly, if you don’t show up to write, nothing gets done. 

Your work is important. If you’re not there to do it, no one will ever have the chance to be impacted by your great (undone)work.

“He that is good for making excuses is seldom good for anything else.” —Benjamin Franklin

by- Tom Kubrak

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