#15- Plan Your Writing Time- (Un)Common Writing Strategies

By- Tom Kubrak

Unfortunately, just saying you’re going to write in the morning, evening or sometime in the afternoon just isn’t good enough.

After floating around and just telling myself after one of my many part time jobs I was going to write afterwards it just didn’t get me where I needed to be. Some peoples self discipline is higher than mine so maybe they can get away with just saying they’re going to write sometime today but for me I figured out the hard way that I need to set specific times to write each day or the chances of me getting what I need done are small.

If you’re like me and constantly feel the need to do almost everything he has to do in the day, before writing, this strategy is for you.


Just recently I dropped each writing session during the day down to 20 minutes from what used to be 33. I found myself a few times getting distracted at the 33; I guess that’s because of the type of person I am. Maybe one day I can work my way back up to that. 20 minutes, I feel, is a good spot I’ve found to be able to lock in for some undistracted work. I’ll keep you all posted how that goes.

Point is though, find the amount of time you need to work on something and then block it out on your calendar. Preferably, the day before, at the start of the week or at least when you wake up and begin your day.


Now, whatever web platform or desktop app you write on, it’s time to get to it.


You may get distracted sometime in that block of time but don’t even think about opening up Instagram, scrolling though your facebook feed, netflix or watching that youtube video you’ve been dying to watch for hours. 

There are apps you can get if your will-power is currently low(like mine) but I’ll save that for another post. If you do desperately need something to block out the distractions you can check out the “Freedom App”


This article will give you some more tips on how to plan your day and writing time. I am just beginning to use the To-do-ist app and am already seeing the benefits. But the article I’ve attached below will also explain what you can use if apps aren’t for you.

I found it really insightful to say the least. Being an insane procrastinator, I need to plan my day better or I’m not going to get the things I want started.

“If you plan better, then you can write better.” -Anonymous

By- Tom Kubrak

Email- th.kubrak@gmail.com

IG- https://www.instagram.com/tomkubrak/

TWTR- https://twitter.com/tomkubrak

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