The Slump- The One Thing to Try To Get Out of A Writing Slump

by- Tom Kubrak

How did you get here in the first place?

Well… that’s different for everyone obviously. But pin-pointing that problem could save you from a downhill slide that you might not recover from.

Some possibilities of this slump:

1- too much social media

2- Staying up too late

3- Not passionate about the projects your writing anymore


Every writer goes through multiple slumps in their life but it’s the few that are able to recognize it quickly and resolve the problem.

Over the last few years I’ve been through many. But each time I’ve gotten better at getting myself out of it. My most recent “Slump” I did something I haven’t done before…

The Code Red Procedure:

I had no clue what the reason behind this slump was to be honest. I did have some ideas, but I couldn’t pin-point it so I did something intentionally that usually I do unintentionally.

I decided to just get my mind off of work for a little bit. So, I took…

2 days off of writing.

Yes you heard that right. And that’s not including the day off I already take.

Here’s what I did in those two days off.

1- I spent a lot of time with myself at realigning my goals and setting up my days

2- I created a morning routine

3- I created an evening routine

4- I created a workout routine

5- I created an eating plan

6- I created some new weekly writing goals

7 – I found a new place to write my daily and weekly writing goals

8- I created a daily reflection routine

9- I created a daily schedule

“A real decision is measured by the fact that you’ve taken a new action. If there’s no action, you haven’t truly decided.” — Tony Robbins


by- Tom Kubrak for comments questions and inquiries