Find/Create A Group- #22 in (Un)Common Writing Strategies

by- Tom Kubrak

Once you’re confident and ready to begin exposing your work, a new phase begins…

That phase is what I call…


Being a writer requires a lot of time being alone, and for the most part, in long periods of solitude. That can get very lonely and isolating. Especially, when you don’t have many people who you can trust to turn to in your life.

Sure, you have your best friend, girlfriend/boyfriend, mom, dad or  whomever you talk to about everything. But that’s not what I’m talking about here. I’m talking about the people who are going to help you get through those tough times every writer goes through at a pretty regular basis. In my opinion, the answer is, a strong group of fellow writers.

The importance of having a group of people like this is insurmountable. Because, your team of fellow writers understand what it’s like and see the things in your story and life that you may not. They’re the ones who are going to open your eyes to what you need to do. These are the people who might actually save you from a long hiatus from the keyboard.


There are many writing groups online if there aren’t any writing groups in your area. I’ve currently joined one writing group. That writing group is run by Ryan Lanz.

Link to Ryan Lanz’s Writing Group-

Although there’s no meetings with this group, it’s been very beneficial. It’s solely a group sharing writing strategies and battles they are going through in the writing world. It’s been great to read other writers’ strategies, setbacks, and ways they’ve become successful in their area of writing.

I also joined a group run by Bryan Collins. Which is, an educational course called Become A Writer Today. So far, although I’ve been slow in getting through the course, I’ve learned things that are going to help me the rest of my writing career.

Link to Bryan Collins Writing Course-

Create A Group

Sometimes, you just need to make it happen yourself. Creating a group is a little harder but the payoffs are grand. The group I’ve created is a few writers whom I’ve had the privilege to meet and read their work online. Because we write similar things it just seemed like a good match. I threw the idea out and thankfully, they were both enthusiastic about the idea!

I’m excited to see where this group goes. I’m also excited to learn and grow from it and these amazing writers I now have the privilege to be around.


1- Know what genre of writing you write.

2- Start following people on social media who write and write in areas you write about or are interested in

*For example: f you are a romance novelist it sometimes isn’t the best match to be in a group with a horror writer.

3- Start reaching out to people whose work you connect with

4- Ask them if they’re in any writing groups.

5- Ask them if you could join theirs. Or if they aren’t in one, ask them if they would like to join yours.


When you Find/Create your group it’s now time to begin the fun stuff. And that’s to start sharing your work and getting feedback. It’s important to be open and honest in these groups. Trust is everything.


1- Start with Monthly(Usually a good place to start because it makes it less demanding)

2- Find a time that works for everyone.

3- Have a list of questions you go over. Including:

  – What challenges are you facing?

  – What’s going on in your story?

  – Are you stuck on any part of it?

4- Each meeting have one of your writings you’d like to talk about

5- What books are you reading right now? Why? And what have you learned? Who are some of your favorite characters and why?

6- What’s something you learned since the last time we met in regards to your writing??

7- Are you doing anything different that has had a positive or a negative effect?

8- What have you noticed about some of the writers whose work you are reading that you think is interesting?

9- Is there any way we can help each other out with our writing this month?

10- Have you ran into any new writers? Do you think they could be a part of this group?


“If you don’t have the right people around you and you’re moving at a million miles an hour you can lose yourself.” -Dave Chappelle


by- Tom Kubrak


IG- @tomkubrak

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