#24- Strip It Down

Un/Common Writing Strategies

by- Tom Kubrak

Have you ever been so bogged down, by just everything in your life, that you don’t know what to do next?

You’re confused, depressed and lost. You’re getting easily distracted from your work and when you finally sit down to write, what you need to write, something stops you. Why is this happening and how can we get back on track?

Step 1- Get Back to Basics

Think about how you were writing before, when you were producing at a high rate and in a good work flow. Get back to that. That’s where you start. Maybe this routine is back in your journals on what exactly you were doing, or maybe you have to sit down and think for awhile on what you were doing before.

For me, when I fell off, I remembered I was at my best when I was handwriting my first drafts. For whatever reason I decided to move away from that and type more of my first drafts. Not saying that was the only reason I fell off, but I definitely was better when I was doing that.

Step 2- What’s best for you?

Regardless, for you as a writer, figure out what writing program is best for you, what keyboard is most comfortable for you, or what typewriter you like best. If you’re handwriting like me, what pen is best, what paper is best and what journals you like the best. This is all of course to understand what brings the best out of your writing. Once you find that, be open-minded to change, but don’t change it if it’s not broken. Maybe take a risk on a new style from time to time, but learn quickly if it’s not working and go back.

Step 3- Take Some Time Off

So, Think hard on what’s the best thing for you. If you have to take a day or two to adjust and just think on what you need to do, or get, to bring the most out of your writing, than do it. It will pay dividends for you in the long run. You may not get any writing in those days that you’re doing that, but you will experience the benefits of a couple ‘sacrificed days’ specifically designed to find out how to get more out of your writing.
If you’re struggling on what you need to change or do, maybe go on a long walk to figure it out or take one of those days to go to your favorite restaurant by yourself, and just be with you to understand what you want. You may think it’s easy with friends and family but sometimes it’s hard to hear your own voice when others are constantly asking you for their attention.
Be with You. Understand You.

If it’s not working, there’s no sense walking in the wrong direction, just to find out when you get to the end of that trail that you went to the completely wrong place in the opposite direction.

“If it’s not broken don’t fix it.” – Anonymous

by- Tom Kubrak


Did you like this post? What is something you’ve done differently in you’re writing life to improve? Let me know in the comments or via email.


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