#25- Keep Sharpening Your Blade

Un/Common Writing Strategies

by- Tom Kubrak

As you continue to progress in your writing, apply some strategies, you’re going to notice a shift in your writing and see yourself becoming a better writer. At least that’s the goal.

It’s important to remember that, when you get to this point to not get too confident with where you’re at. Yes, sure, you may have started to get a bunch of attention and people are writing really nice reviews. On the other hand, maybe you haven’t gotten them and simply know that you’re writing is pretty darn good. Regardless, of where you’re at, don’t ever think you’re good enough.
That is the death of the creative mind.

The Ego

The ego Is the Enemy- A book by Ryan Holiday. Personally, as of this post, I haven’t made the time to read this book yet, so I can’t accurately encourage you all to read it. I mention it here in this post because of the title alone and the things of heard him talk about in regards to the book. And from the things I’ve heard him talk about; once that “Ego” creeps in, you have to crush it or it will essentially be the end of you.

I got to a point where I stopped educating after I told myself that I was ‘good-enough.’ I told myself, “Tom, it’s time to utilize what you learned. You learned enough now go and apply it!”
I had a few good months or maybe it was 6 months. But then I started to run out of ‘juice’ and…I hit a wall.
It took another few months to realize what was happening. The lack of progress and bad-writing was all I had in me. And I told myself, “It’s okay it’s just a slump.” So I kept going on this treacherous path until…I completely stopped.
Naturally I was mad but I was also confused.

How did this happen? I asked myself.

One reason I can point to is…I stopped sharpening my blade.

3 Tips

To Keep Sharpening Your Blade

In order to have a good “Blade-Sharpening Routine.” There’s a few things you need to implement:

1- Daily Reading Routine

Even when you hit a great spot don’t’ neglect this.

2- Daily Writing/Daily Stories

These little stories may not make any sense, but you’re just writing and challenging yourself with new stories. You may need to get a book of writing prompts if you can’t think of your own daily stories. Writing Prompts are great by the way and I highly encourage any writers to get them. I got a book of writing prompts from Target and it’s great! They run about 10-15 dollars.

3- Insert Weekly Exploring Time in Your Schedule

Once a month or once a year on your yearly family vacation simply just isn’t enough for writers.
Especially, if you’re aiming to become a full time and/or professional writer. This part is crucial. I can’t stress it enough; that we, as writers need to get out and listen to the world/people around us. That doesn’t mean you have to go on a long trip either. If you’re like most writers, you’re most likely broke. So just stay in your area. There’s plenty of things to explore.
I actually have a walk I do everyday, whose path rarely changes.
Your community needs you too. Talk to the people, get to know them. If talking to others is challenging for you… do it anyway. You need to talk to people if you want to learn proper dialogue in your writing. Challenge yourself. It will make you a better writer.

“In order to stay relevant, you have to stay open to new trends and keep educating yourself.
You have to keep evolving.” -Natalie Massanet