#1- Getting Out- (Un)Common Ghost Writing Strategies

by- Tom Kubrak

“There is no life without patience.” Philip Roth

When I’m stuck on a story the biggest help always come from when I decide to stop writing and Get-Out. Although I always seem to neglect this seemingly simple principle. Which is:


It always pays dividends to the project I’m currently working on.


As a writer, it’s sometimes easy to just stay home in your comfortable office and think you can write the story without any problems. I guess, depending on what you’re writing about, maybe you can.

But for me though, the things I write about usually requires me to get out and put myself in places that aren’t always “comfortable” to be in.

Sometimes I get stuck on a part of the story, and the best medicine I’ve taken thus far, is ‘getting out’ of my little box(my office) and discover what the story needs.

Since we’re talking about ghostwriting, not your story, now you need to figure out where to go to when you get out. Because this isn’t your story. This is someone else’s…

For example:

  • If it’s a screenplay about a murder-in-a-park, go to a park.
  • If it’s a play about a civil-rights movement, go to where people might be protesting for this play.
  • If it’s a book about a husband and wife whose marriage is crumbling go to places in your home or outside of your home where incidents may have occurred to lead up to this.

The point is get-out but go to the right places. Yes, sometimes all you need is a walk around the block, but sometimes you need to go somewhere else.

By- Tom Kubrak
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