#2- It’s Hard To Tell Your Story- Ghostwriting Strategies

Are you ready to tell your story?

You may say yes right away, but for the ones who say no- It’s okay- don’t feel bad.

But I want you to keep in mind that your story could have a great impact on someones life. You may think your story isn’t worth telling, but that one person thinks otherwise.

Even if you do want to begin the process of telling your story to the world, you must know, it can be extremely intimidating to open yourself up to a ghost, like myself.

It’s sometimes uncomfortable for people to bring up their pasts with me, but when they finally open up, I believe a great sense of relief comes over them. When people are open and honest with me my job becomes easier and when I finally sit down to write I can do it with ease.
People contact me when they’re ready to tell their story. If you’re afraid though, it could mean you simply want to accomplish more or you need to overcome one of the reasons I listed below.

Reason 1- Being Exposed

I think one reason people are so afraid is that they don’t want the attention. Another is what comes with being exposed. You think, “Are people going to be mad at me? Are they going to like it? What will the critics say?”

It’s important, if you are this person, to just take a deep breath, and ask yourself what you want out of putting your life story out there. Do you want others to hear your story? If the answer to that question is yes, then you must know some people are going to like it and connect with it and some people are not. That’s just the fact-of-the-matter, with putting yourself out there.

Reason 2- My Story isn’t Worth Telling

This is my favorite one to hear. Why? Because this is the most common I think. If you or your client believes their story isn’t worth telling it’s probably because they’re thinking too big. Meaning not every story is meant to be on the screen or selling novels. Sometimes you just need to get it into an article format or a novellete. Maybe it is fit for a novel, but stop thinking it’s going to sell like J.K Rowling’s fantasy series. Your story may be different so it might sell different. If you’re doing it for the money though, then you probably shouldn’t tell your story anyway.

One person needs your story. And although that blockbuster movie or book might have sold a lot of tickets or copies, that doesn’t mean everyone was impacted by it.

Your story may be what they were looking for. Not that one. So I encourage you to believe that your story IS worth telling.

Reason 3- You’re Not Ready

This has nothing to do with being overwhelmed by being exposed. When you’re simply just not ready you just need to live some more, finish up whatever you’re doing or begin to change your mindset. Getting in the proper headspace takes time, but if you want to get in it then you must start the process.

Telling your story in a book format, screenplay or play is quite an undertaking, and anyone who has done it knows that. Going through all of the steps is hard for a wanna-be author but the benefits go far beyond the possibility that you may have a bigger bank account.

So…think about the impact your story will have on someones life first and then decide if you want to tell your story.

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