#3 Ghostwriting Chronicles- Ask For Work

It’s like my mentor Eva Shaw tells her ghosts in her book Ghost Writing- How To Get Into The Business,

“If you want business, ask for it.”

Once you step into the arena of asking for work, instead of waiting for it; you, in my opinion, have taken the first step in becoming a professional Ghostwriter.
If you are fortunate to have loads of work somehow drop on your lap in the early stages, then more power to you, but I encourage you not to go into this game expecting people to be lining up for your services. Unfortunately, we don’t have that luxury because most people think they can do what we do.
Asking for Work wasn’t an easy thing to begin doing for me. I was a little nervous at first because I thought I wasn’t ‘good-enough’ or able to deliver what I said I could do. Sometimes, you just have to be honest with a potential client and tell them that you’re pretty new and that they’d be taking a risk, but ensure them that you still believe you’re the right person for the job. Although being an extrovert I was able to transition into it fairly quickly.

Step 1- How To Ask For Work

Figure out the types of people/business’ you want to work with.

Step 2- What Specific Writing Assignments Do You Want To Do

If you’re like me and didn’t know the answer to this question then start trying them out. And if you can’t find work make your own. At first I started writing my own life stories, then I went into business strategies, short-films, plays, magazine articles, books, copy-writing and then featured length screenplays.

Here’s a specific list though:

  • Content writing
  • Copy writing
  • Magazine
    Mom and pop Pizza places
  • Newsletter
  • Website Copy
  • Books
  • Screenplays

Step 3- Make a List of Specific Targets

Pick 1-3 from the list above and then make a list of 15-20 places to reach out to. Then create a message via email or DM and then begin offering your services.
You can find these places in many places too. Including; Instagram, linkedin, googling, etc.

Sometimes, someone does find you, but that’s usually, when you’re active in promoting yourself. Which brings us to …

Step 4- Create Marketing & Sponsor Material

Specifically, where your marketing material is up to you but, it when you have a specific Target the exact location becomes much easier. Some people don’t have a “door” on the internet that you can knock on so you have to find a way in. Which could be through an advertisement you create, a poster you put up, or maybe even a t-shirt. It’s about making them see you because they won’t find you if you just hide in your office. No matter how good of a writer you may be.

All you need is one to start. Just one. So focus on getting one. Then the rest will come.

By- Tom Kubrak

Email- th.kubrak@gmail.com
IG- @tomkubrak

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