#6- Look Ahead- 9 Questions to Ask Yourself- Ghostwriting Chronicles

by- Tom Kubrak

Everything might be going smooth for you or maybe it’s not … No matter the situation you find yourself in, you need to be thinking 3 steps ahead at all times.

1-3-6 Months

In a more literal sense- I encourage all writers, who are attempting to transition from their full time/part time/odd jobs into full time or even part time writing, to be looking ahead always. Or it’s going to be a much longer road for you to get where you want.

In between 1-6 months you should be asking yourself these questions:

  1. Where am I going to be living? For a writer always have this in mind- because even if you decide the life on-the-road is the life for you having a “base-camp” is essential to keeping consistent
  2. How am I always going to be writing even if I’m not getting paid? You should have been doing this already but if not that’s fine. Find something to create that you may or may not get paid for down the road.
  3. Who am I going to be reaching out to? PEOPLE/BUSINESS’ –
  4. What leads do I already have that I need to follow up with now or soon?
  5. Am I still in that transition period? If so do I need to find a better job that better accommodates my need for more writing time and creative energy? Or do I need to find a job with more hours to fund my projects as I’m transitioning into more full time writing?
  6. How will I continue to learn? Do I need to take a class or buy a book on writing? Get or do something.
  7. What’s my financial situation like? Do I need to…(1)Get another part time job (2)Hedge-my-bets and wait for a time on a freelance website to land a gig? (3)Continue to do what I’m doing, network with people you meet and wait for that bigger opportunity?
  8. Who can I bring into my circle to help inspire and grow me as a writer?
  9. Should I take the leap in 1, 3, or 6 months?

All these question should be pertinent and questions you revisit about every 3 months. Because if you’re not seeing progress in your current strategy- then you need to strongly consider changing.


by- Tom Kubrak

email- th.kubrak@gmail.com

IG- @tomkubrak

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