#9- The 30-60 Method- Ghostwriting Chronicles

by- Tom Kubrak

When I first began to write, I wrote with virtually no prior knowledge of the craft. Like many others who have done it before me and are still doing it, in the early stages, I just wrote whatever came to my mind until I got tired.
Then, when I made the decision to make this into my profession, I began to educate myself and listen to the ones currently excelling in the field and the ones who did it before me.


Naturally, I wanted to compete with whoever I came across that was a great writer. I wanted to attempt to get toe-to-toe with them. Sometimes, I made a fool of myself doing that. But growing up with 4 brothers gave me an edge I think from how many times my brothers beat me in games and I came back saying, “Lets go again.”
But beyond the world of simple sports games, I instilled that attitude into my work today.

One thing I heard from these writers was that they write for hours a day consistently, week in and week out. So, again, I tried it. And tried again. And then tried another time. Some of those times I ended up with an hour, or two, or three but I usually failed and never could match that the next day or the next week. Usually, I was able to pull out a two or three hour writing session once or twice a month.

Well…I was pretty defeated and I though I could never be up there with those other writers.


So I started back from ground-zero. I began with setting goals of five minute writing sessions, then 10, 20, 30 and then an hour.

Once I was able to consistently do an hour a day for a couple months in a row I decided it was time to try again at two hours for my daily goal.

Looking back, I would say I was able to do that for just a three or four days in a row until I burned out and only managed to get a couple days of writing in for the next few weeks.

Again… I was defeated and asking myself the ultimate question:


To this day, I don’t know, but I had to ask myself a new question:

How can I, Tom Kubrak, write for multiple hours a day?

And that’s the question you need to ask yourself. But insert your name of course! Haha

For me, I, quite by accident, developed a strategy to relieve myself from some of the stress that comes with locking yourself in a room for multiple hours.

That was…


Which is…

30 minutes of preparation/rest and 60 minutes of uninterrupted writing.


In this 30 minute time period I do a few things right now. For you it might look different but for me, these are a few of the things I do to get ready for a long night of writing.

1- Read Something
2- Brew some coffee
3- Listen to Music
4- Go on a walk
5- Listen to A Podcast

Note: None of these things has to do with checking social media or your phone. I feel that can easily take your mind away from being ready to write.

After I did some of the above things, my timer went off, and I jumped into my 60 minute uninterrupted writing session.

If I wanted to do another hour I took another 30 minute break and then did another 60 minutes.

I was ecstatic when I was able to do two 30-60 methods a night! It’s not easy either but I have found success in it.

Try it out yourself! Maybe it’ll work for you. Let me know.

Maybe you have another way to consistently write day in and day out. I would love to hear how other writers get the most out of their writing sessions.

By- Tom Kubrak
Email- th.kubrak@gmail.com
IG- @tomkubrak