#11- Now It’s Time To Write- Ghostwriting Chronicles

by- Tom Kubrak

Considering you’ve already done all the necessary steps beforehand, you’ve now reached the point where…

It’s time to write!



Take a day or two now to figure this out. Because this will keep you on track and motivated more than pressuring you.

Say it’s a 120 page screenplay; what’s a realistic deadline for it? Okay, so say it’s one month from now, and you write 5 days a week. That’s 30 pages a week and 6 pages per day. At the end of the month, if you stay on track that is, you will have your first draft complete ideally.

Your project may look different though, but make sure to map it out. You can even try creating an X-Out Sheet; marking the days you completed your 6 page goal for the day. That’s another motivator in itself and it’s quite satisfying when you mark the X on the day you complete.

Deadlines do change, but do your best to not drag the project on any longer than it needs to.


During the writing process… you can easily get lost and confused. No matter how much prepping you do it’s bound to happen during the writing process. But, it’s anticipating this will happen, that will help you and quite possibly save the project from derailing itself.

Don’t be afraid to, before you write, review your notes and the material you have about the project.


Sitting down to write is the hardest part. Once you tackle that hurdle, the second hardest part is trusting that the right words will come out on the page/s. Don’t get caught up in expecting a great first draft either. More likely than not, it’s not going to be all that good. That’s what the second third and fourth draft is for though. Get that first draft done and don’t worry about it being perfect.


A problem that used to plague me is editing in the middle of writing. I encourage you not to make the same mistake. You can review what you wrote the day before, but don’t worry about changing anything. Just keep writing until you get to the end of that first draft.

What do you think about this? Also, what do you do to get that first draft done?

By- Tom Kubrak
Email- th.kubrak@gmail.com

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