#4- Get Out of The House- How To Get Back To Producing

By- Tom Kubrak

The key to this strategy is, if you work from home and you’re also able to work in a bar or cafe, is to realize when your home life is making a negative impact on your work life. If that’s the case, then you have to make some decisions…

OPTION 1- Adjust Your Home Working Environment

1- Eliminate distractions.

2- Create a productive home work environment.

3- Write down a set of new rules/guidelines. Examples: No leaving the office between 9-12p. Break times are between 12-1 & 3-4p

OPTION 2- Move Your Office to a Cafe or Restaurant

A cafe is much easier for this as this has become a new-normal. With a restaurant, it’s sometimes a good practice to ask the owner if you can post-up in their place. Usually they’ll say yes, but they’ll know you’re respectable and in turn, will let you do your thing instead of the server constantly coming up to you and asking if you need something when, in reality, all you need is to be left alone while you get your work done.

Be prepared to pay your dues though with a couple of beers or a sandwich you don’t really want.


Regardless, understand when you need some time away from the home-office. This could just be temporary too. There could also be an adjustment period to prepare for too. Don’t be afraid to make the move either.


By- Tom Kubrak

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