#5- Give Something Up- How To Get Back To Producing

By- Tom Kubrak

What is something that you don’t need in your life right now, that you could give up?


Think hard on this question, because that could be the difference between producing at an amateur level and producing at a professional level.


For some people, simply, they need to cut back on whatever they’re doing that’s bringing them negative results. For others, it means cutting it out of their life entirely.

Currently, for me it’s social media. Although I’ve found it an essential element in my business and writing, I often find myself mindlessly scrowling. And by often I mean way too much. So I need to cut-back.

For you this could include:

– Eating too much

– Drinking too much

– Smoking too much

– Playing video games too much

– TV

– Netflix

– Any other games

– Hanging out with Friends

– Etc.

Regardless, find what you could give up. It might be what you just need to get that extra edge in your work.

Don’t fall in the “I just need to work harder trap.” I won’t lie, that’s part of it, but the other part is figuring out why you’re not doing your best and changing that aspect of your life.


By- Tom Kubrak

Email- kubraktom@gmail.com

IG- @tomkubrak