INTRO: Write then Eat

By- Thomas Kubrak

Welcome to my first official blog post!

Now, lets get down to it; This blog is a weekly-blog and I’m going to try and release on Tuesdays encapsulating my previous week. “A weekly recap of my journey in the writing world,” we’ll call it. Mainly, I’m doing this for myself in order to keep track of everything I’m doing and keep moving forward. I’ve had too many times so far where things have just gotten overwhelming. I’m also doing this for you. I’m going to be including events, acting gigs, job opportunities, links to new-cool-creators I find, if I find them and much more in these posts.

If any of you find yourself reading these posts I hope you enjoy it and/or benefit from it. I’ll be sharing the goods the bads and the uglies from my journey. I’m going to be as open as possible, keeping the privacy of the people I work with in mind, and share with you what’s going on in my writing/creative life.

Included with that, will be some things I learned in the projects I do for myself and other people. Sometimes, I may include an interview with someone in the writing game too. Who knows, but each week should be fun and different. Some posts will be long and some will be short.

As we’re approaching the end of the year, these first few posts I’ll be reviewing 2021 and sharing what I did and learned.

For all the people who’ve been keeping track and supporting me since the beginning, or more recently, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. The biggest joy for a writer is when people say they’ve read your work. So, send me an email, text or give me a call. Would love to chat with you.

Cheers to this next chapter and welcome aboard.