#4- Write then Eat- Part 1: Making a No-Budget Short Film Part 1

By- Tom Kubrak

Making a no budget short film requires the ability to understand how to get obsessed with something. For some, this is hard but for some it’s easy. If this is hard for you to do you have to ask yourself some questions.

Why do you want people to read this? Why do you want people to see this? What will happen if you never create this project? Do you have to put out this project?
Not only should everything you put out into the world have a bigger goal, but everything you begin should create a sensation deep-in-your-being that makes you want to scream out in excitement. Because in the ‘no-budget life’ it’s extremely uncertain and during the production stage you’ll need that reminder of why you’re doing this to get you through it.

Before you make a no-budget short you have to have a crazy inner-desire to make it. If you don’t, your cast and crew won’t want to have any part of it. They’ll see right through you and be like, “This guy just wants to create some bogus film for content or something.”

And before you say, “They’ll do it anyway for the experience.” I want to say that actors know when it’s not going to be worth their time and energy. You have to show them that this is worth it for them to spend hours and days at a time working on your film for no pay.
For them a few things they want are for it to be, a learning experience, a fun time, and something they can be proud to include in their resume when showcasing their talent to agents and producers.

Now that you have that crazy inner desire to somehow put together a film with little to no money, now…you can write the damn thing.

By- Tom Kubrak
Email- kubraktom@gmail.com
IG- @tomkubrak