#7- Write then Eat- Stop Putting off Cleaning

by- Tom Kubrak

Whether you still live on your own, or not, you probably still have some responsibility to clean. If you do, and can’t afford that cleaning service yet, then remember not to put it off. Why? Because it can get in the way of clear-thinking while you’re writing.

What I’ve learned, is that you need to have a clear mind, without any worries or problems, when you go into your writing session for the day. However small it is, take care of it. In this case, it’s cleaning.

For me, I’ve been good, bad and ugly with cleaning my apartments/rooms. Recently, after neglecting my apartment for weeks, it got pretty bad and I had to take half a day to clean the thing. Normally, I would be pretty upset about having “wasted” a day cleaning, and not been able to write, but finally, after repeating this again, I had a coming-of-age moment. I realized; It’s okay to take half a day, or a whole day, and not do any writing. Because I need to do this or it’s going to stay in the back of my mind while I’m trying to work. Before I was stubborn and would not allow myself a day off to do anything.


I also implemented a new weekly strategy to clean for an hour or two, so I don’t have to clean for almost four hours like I did this weekend. And if I can’t fit in writing…. that’s fine! Because cleaning is the priority on this day.

So, if you can come away from one thing from this post, remember that having a clean place can help relieve some of that mental-stress, allow you to work in a clean environment and allow you to concentrate on the important thing…


By- Tom Kubrak
Email- Kubraktom@gmail.com
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