#8- Write then Eat- Planning/Reviewing

by- Tom Kubrak

It took me way too long to learn how important this is. I encourage you to not wait as long as me if you’re still waiting to…


As a writer, my head sometimes wanders in so many directions that it’s sometimes hard to pull everything together to do what we’re supposed to be doing…Writing!
A planning/review day, I’ve found, helps me go into a writing-week confident and ready. It helps clear my head so I can be at my best and not focus on what I did last week or last month. Although, my scatter-brained self still likes to wander, this relieves my desire to do so instrumentally so, I can focus on what I need to do for the week.


You may be tempted to write on this day but try in the beginning at least to concentrate on just planning and reviewing on this day. On this day you plan and review, and only write if you have the time. On this day, planning and reviewing is more important. Take this day as serious as you do when you’re digging into that screenplay, play, novel or anything else you’ve been working on for a while.


  • Plan the week out in your planner, phone or computer.
  • Review the week by journaling.
  • When you’re journaling, ask yourself questions like… What did I accomplish this week? What can I improve on? Did I do anything wrong? Why did I do that? Did I meet anyone new this week?
  • Email prospective clients/schedule meetings that you didn’t get around to booking earlier in the week.
  • Check your messages from the week to see if you forgot anything and if you need to message anyone back.


Review your finances and expenditures for the week to make sure you’re on the right track. Did you forget to pay a bill? Well, use this day to pay it. Also, use this day to add money to your savings or any other accounts. Did you spend more money than you needed to? Journal it down and address what you need to do for next week to not let that happen again.

by- Tom Kubrak

Email- kubraktom@gmail.com

IG- @tomkubrak

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