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The Return– Written by: Tom Kubrak –

Back Story: A short film written in 2018 about a homeless community that suddenly turns on each other leaving one man in a desperate hunt to take revenge on his friends and find his girlfriend.

The Hunters Ep. 1– Written/Directed by: Tom Kubrak

Back Story: A youtube series about a group of old military partners who decide to go on the hunt for the best cup of coffee.

Starring: Phil Husbands

Location: Space Gallery, Raritan Nj

The Hunters Ep. 2 Written/Directed By: Tom Kubrak –

Back Story: A youtube series about a group of old military partners who decide to go on the hunt for the best cup of coffee.

Starring: Phil Husbands and Zack Volk

Location: Scouts Coffee Bar in High Bridge, Nj

The First Move – Written/Directed By: Tom Kubrak –

Produced and Filmed by: Erik Renninger

Starring: Riggs Lane, Cristian Castillo, LJ, Zack Volk, Allie Tucker

Behind The Scenes: Spencer Soletto, Phil Husbands

Back Story: A short film about a man who after years of feeding off the land and doing nothing at his job finally gets fired by the incoming boss. And the firing isn’t pretty leaving him in the middle of New Jersey.

The Tour – Written by: Tom Kubrak –

Starring: Brian Vadim, Allie Tucker, Zack Volk

Produced: (Still in Process)

Back Story: A short film about a tour guide who is empathic and meets a young couple on one of the tours. He notices the girlfriend is also empathic and he takes the couple on an exclusive tour showing the haunted past of the Historical Landmark he volunteers for.

The Second Encounter – Written by: Tom Kubrak – Directed by: Josh @yoaspire and Tom Kubrak

Link to Film: Produced by- Erik Renninger

Filmed by: Erik Renninger and Chris Walega

Starring: Allie Tucker, Brian Vadim, Lj The Alien, Zack Volk, Phil Husbands

Back Story: The Second Encounter is about a woman who walks into an antique store and just loves it. She loves every piece in the store and talks with the owner at great lengths about the pieces. 

2 weeks pass by and we catch Kelsey staring at some clock and then she gets into some sort of transe…

She walks back towards the antique store passing by the same people she walked by a few weeks ago, but their different. Something is odd and she continues walking when she gets to the antique store. The owner of the shop is waiting for her to give her the answers to whatever is going on.

The Game Ch. 1- Incentives – Written by: Tom Kubrak

Produced by: Josh @aspirefilms

Starring: Sarah Moebius, Cristian Castillo, Zack Volk, Phil Husbands, Will Clawson,

Location: Wrap it Up in Dunnellen, Nj

Music By: Lj The Alien

Link to Film –

Back Story: After a long year two of the primary players in the Valley Game. Meet up for a long awaited get together. They meet at Roscoes in Dunellen. One of their favorite places. 

Unbeknownst to Taul. The top gun out of player, his friend Dan has scheduled a meetup with one of the most feared players out of the New York Game. 

Taul and Dan are not meeting up for the game on this day. Their meeting up as friends to just ‘shoot the shit’ catch up as brothers. Their relationship first began to grow after Taul kicked Dan out of his Plainfield game after Dan forgot the house rules. Dan respected him for doing it and after calling at his home to apologize the relationship just grew from there.

So on this day in January, a cold day, business wasn’t supposed to happen. But Dan saw an opportunity that he just couldn’t pass up after Dina started reaching out to the Jersey Game Leaders. Dan got the call around 11pm about a month ago during one of The Games. He stepped out of the game after asking to be excused for a moment. The other players at the table granted his request so he was able to take the call.

It was Dina on the other end of the phone and she was asking for an opportunity. Dan sensed her sense of urgency on the other end of the phone as she wasn’t being allowed in The City Games anymore. She told him that she had a target on her back and that she wanted to come out to Jersey to be a part of the Jersey games.