Illustrated Beauty Story(Business)

Chilled Chillers(Event)

Ronaldo (Profile Story)

Bodhi( Business)

Blue Print (Business)

Savor (Business)

The Martino’s Story (Business)

RARV Stories

The Arrival (Historical Fiction)

The Spaghetti Dinner (Historical Fiction)

Soulful House Nation

How Chicago and New York Made The Beat Come Alive. The Experience and Venues That Brought House Music Out of The Underground (Historical Fiction)

The Lynn Lockamy Story (Profile Story)

Somerset County Historical Society

Anthony Wayne- Inspired by A Donated Painting of A Pennsylvanian (History)

The Frisk- An Evening During The Revolutionary War In Bridgewater (History)–an-evening-during-the-revolutionary-war-in-bridgewater

RVCC The Record

Robotics Competition Story (First story I ever got published)